A Peculiar Treasure


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It is absolutely necessary for believers to live holy lives, and this is impossible until the heart is cleansed of the Adamic nature or inbred sin by personal sanctification, the second definite work of grace wrought in the heart by the Holy Ghost.  Satan hates this experience more than any other experience, because it leaves him out of the person’s heart completely.

Without holiness it is impossible to see God, and one can be holy only when the heart is free from the clutches of the old sinful nature.

This subject is as old as the Bible, but it has been put in the background by many who once taught and practiced it.  It is as modern and relevant as any other divine truth and it still works in the life of the believer who will ask God for it.

This booklet was written by A.J, Tomlinson who not only believed it and taught it, but he experienced it very vividly in his own life.  It can be your experience, too, dear reader if you haven’t yet received it and if you will open your heart in all honest to God.  It is definitely a “peculiar treasure”.