Church Flag (Indoor)


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The 3×5′ indoor flag with outlining fringe is perfect for prominent display at the front of the church auditorium in conjunction with your country’s national flag. Flag poles are not included with this purchase.

Your right to purchase and/or use the official flag of The Church of God is granted on the basis of your adhering to the following Assembly recommendation:

Recommendation: “We recommend that The Church of God have a flag that is unique to and for The Church of God.  A Church flag that is solely the property of The Church of God and exclusively belongs to The Church of God.  A Church flag that may be hoisted in all nations wherever The Church of God is organized.  A church flag that is truly an all nations flag.  A Church flag that is honored and revered from God’s Holy Word and is displayed because of the truth.”


This recommendation is from the Questions and Subjects Committee report to both the 95the Assembly (2000) and the 96th Assembly (2001).  This recommendation refers to our current flag design.