Delving the Depths


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“Tell it like it is”.  That is a request ofent proffered by many who read religious literature.  The problem is they seldom, if ever, get their request fulfilled.  Rather than getting down to the roots of the subject, too often the reader runs into a seemingly unending line of distortions, denials, changes, substitutions, challenges, etc., which renders the subject a deviation rather than a fact.  Not so with noted biblical author R.O. Covey who endeavors to grasp the divine revelation of Holy Scripture regardless of whoever may read it.  This goes for both agreeable and disagreeable hearts.  He makes not exceptions for the objector and no extra rewards other than those promised in the Bible for the righteous.

Bishop Covey has written this book, Delving the Depths, in an inoffensive spirit, yet there without doubt will be some who will take issue with him because they are living in sin one way or another.  That is a normal reaction whent he infalliable Word of God shines on the darkness of sin.