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The Word of God is inexhaustible.  It is the book of truth, because it is God’s Word to man.  It speaks to all men of all time.  It is always relevant and time never passes it by.  There is something in the Word for every person in every situation.  There is not a condition or situation that any human being can experience to which the Word does not relate.  There is always something in it that speaks to the individual in any given situation at any given time.

The Word being what it is, then, every person should study it carefully, constantly, and prayerfully while striving, by the grace of God, to live up to its standards.  It is the medium through which every person finds his way to the right relationshpi with God, others, and himself.

In these twelve sermons you will find a variety of subjects.  They do not cover all conditions and situations; nor will they answer all of your questions; nor will they solve all of your problems, but they are based on the eternal and infallible Word of God and will hold something of value and help to you.