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When we remain spiritually focused on Jesus, there is nothing that we cannot do.  But when we allow any other aspect of this life to steal that focus, even the solid ground beneath our feet will begin to give way to the powers of hell and allow us to begin to sink spiritually.  If we wait too long to reach out for help, we will soon slip beneath the surface and lose sight of the One who can pull us back up. As we wallow in the abyss of confusion, it will be difficult to comprehend that Jesus has not left us but rather, we have failed to keep our eyes on him.

The enemy has placed many distractions around us in hopes of destroying our witness or, even better, our souls.  Let us keep our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus, so that we will neither be a distraction to others, nor allow the distractions around us to hinder us as we seek to perform God’s will each day.