For Better For Worse


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There is an on-going human catastrophe which is having such devastating effects that it threatens the destruction of one of the oldest of mankind’s institutions.  It is both social and spiritual in nature, and eventually reaches into almost every facet of human life.  Not only those who are directly involved are affected, but those who are closely associated with them also feel the heartbreak and agony of this human tragedy.

It is such an infraction of God’s will and purpose for humanity that both natural and spiritual calamities which result are coming to the surface to expose the rottenness of the core of human society.

The reference made is to the shameful number of marriage break-ups, divorces, and remarriages which are sweeping the world like a fast-moving contagion that attacks everyone in its path.  This catastrophe should be recognized for what it is  – an instrument of the devil himself to ensnare, entangle, and involve unwary and spiritually blinded people into a life situation that is next to impossible to get out of, and which will damn their souls for eternity.