Historical Annual Addresses – 2006-2015


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Stephen E. Smith served the Lord’s Church in many capacities through the years, but he will be especially remembered for his role as General Overseer of The Church of God from the General Assemblies of 2006 through 2014. During his tenure, one of the first things he did was to complete the General Headquarters Expansion Project which had been sitting dormant for several years, opening the new section of the building and making room for future growth. Eight new countries were added to The Church of God, spiritual growth was made available to all who would receive it, and several countries began to print Church literature in their own languages, making God’s truths available to souls who may have otherwise never received it. In addition to this, new markers were placed at Golgotha and the Garden Tomb, as well as the newly designed Foundation Memorial Marker on Mt. Hittin. Bishop Smith played an important part in all of these accomplishments.

These Annual Addresses reveal the insight that God had given Brother Smith, concerning the needs of the members of the Church as they strived to avoid the evil influences of the times and allowed their lights to shine in this darkening world. They helped us to understand many pitfalls and strengthened us in our labors. It is our prayer that those who read these addresses will feel the spirit of this faithful and humble servant of God, and that his words will inspire you to draw ever nearer to God as we see the day approaching.