Know Your Bible Series: The Kings and Kingdoms of Israel and Judah


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For many years God dealt with His people and the world under various covenants such as the Adamic, the Noahic, and the Abrahamic. During the exodus of Israel from Egypt to Canaan under Moses, God gave the law and made a covenant with Israel to be His people and to obey Him in everything. Under Joshua (Moses’ military leader) the Israelites partially possessed the land but were unfaithful to their covenant especially after the death of Joshua and the elders that outlived him (see Judges 2:7-12). With the rejection of Samuel as their priest-judge, Israel chose to have a king “like other nations” and the theocracy (direct rule of God) was set aside. A monarchy or kingdom was established and, although God warned them of the consequences, they nevertheless persisted (1 Samuel 8:7-22).

A series of kings ensued and for approximately 120 years they ruled over a united Israel. During the time of Rehoboam a simmering rivalry came to a head in a tax revolt that split the kingdom of “Israel,” the Northern Kingdom, and “Judah”, the Southern. This book treats the various kings of both kingdoms, the divided nation’s fortunes during their times, and God’s dealing with them. A fascinating and instructive study!