Know Your Bible Series: The Sermon on the Mount




The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most important literary pieces for Christianity. In this sermon, Jesus addresses all areas of the religion. Also, Jesus speaks to different types of social classes and personal situations. If a person lives up to the teachings from the Sermon on the Mount, that would be enough to fulfill the foundation of the Christian faith.

The Sermon on the Mount talks about issues such as: characteristics of the believer, the responsibility of all Christians, how to face various situations in life, the importance of living in the Spirit, and many other issues. Both lay members and those dedicated to the technical study of the Word can find the information and inspiration necessary for edification in this book.

It emerges as a logical response to the modern needs of the Church. Through the twelve lessons, the author expresses the profound truths of God’s message for today’s world. It has been said that a carpenter cannot do his job without the proper tools. The intention for this book is that it would be a tool for training, education, edification, and inspiration to all those who read it.