Leading Little Lambs


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So you are the leader of “little lambs”?  Well, yours is a great and challenging work for there is never a dull moment with these little ones.  They seem to have an unlimited supply of energy – a sort of “built-in” power system.  But, since activeness is a natural part of childhood, there would be cause to worry if children did not have occasional explosions of energy.

When a child becomes listless and fails to take an active part in class discussions, projects, and recreation, there is something wrote with him or her.  Maybe this “little lamb” has been injured by some unkind remark, or maybe his feet are unaccustomed to the paths in which they are being led.  He may need to be “lifted up” in the shepherd’s arms and reassured he is being led aright, reassured he belongs to the flock.

Therefore, as a teacher, your challenge is not to subdue the energy and will of your pupils, but rather you are to turn them into useful channels.  What a challenge!  Dare to face the challenge!  Dare to “lead little lambs”!