The Church in Types and Shadows


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Every word of God is divinely inspired and the Bible that has come down to us is God’s way of leaving us without excuse should we fail to understand His divine message to us.  While the Old Testament is historical in nature, it is also prophetic.  The prophetical aspect of it is what applies to our generation.  Some prophecies are hidden from view until the time of their fulfillment, being clothed in types and shadows and sometimes even in history which springs to life for us by direct comparison.

All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and was written for the learning of the last generation before the return of Christ.  We are surely living in the generation when all these things will be fufilled according tot he Word of God.  Since this is the case, it would obligate us to study the things in the Scripture which were written before our time for our learning.

In the analogy of types and shadows, the types and shadows would prefigure the intended object, or the real thing.  Prefigure means that the shadows would appear before the real thing came into physical being.  As the light of God shined forth from the past and struck the “type”, there was a shadow which sprang forth from it which prefigured that which was to be, which is the thing of matter and endurance.  Types and shadows were not the real things, but were forerunners of it to enlighten us on what to look for when the real thing would come along.