The Doctrine of Balaam


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In a time when the “doctrine of Balaam” reads like everyday events in the world of religion, it is refreshing and informative to consider the words of A.J. Tomlinson, the most esteemed pioneer of the twentieth century arise and development of The Church of God.

What he has to say will not please those who have “itching ears” and liberal tendencies about their relationship with God.  Balaam was recognized by some to be a prophet of God, but he wanted to do things His way.  He would have been wise to have obeyed when God first spoke to him.  The evil result was disastrous for him and God’s purpose was accomplished anyway.

This booklet will expose some of the modern tendenices to make false and erroneous teachings Bible doctrines, which is like attempting to mix oil and water – they just don’t mix!