The Gifts of the Spirit as Manifested in the Old Testament


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The Holy Spirit is one of the three holy and divine and distrinct persons of the eternal Godhead, the Godhead being; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Although, this being so, not much consideration has been given to the Holy Spirit with His operative function upon and through the lives of the Old Testament patriarchs, prophets, and other individuals whom the Lord God chose to use in the making known His overall counsel and purpose.  For whatever the reason, very little attention has been paid in the acknowledgement of, and the due respect offered to the various manifestations of the “holy endowments” or “gifts” of the Spirit as they were called in the New Testament.  These “holy endowments” were not assumed at some point during the New Testament dispensation; rather, they are His from and for all time and eternity.

It must be understood, unequivocally, that the Holy Spirit is as much God, the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament as He is God, the Holy Ghost (Spirit) in the New Testament.  He did not come to full development during the New Testament era as some seem to think and suggest in their speech.  Such erroneous thinking must at once be removed from the minds of such people in order that due respect be given the Holy Ghost.  It will be the design of this work to acknowledge the Holy Ghost and His workings and the distribution of His holy endowments, that is, those spiritual gifts upon those people of whom the Father called inot the employement and development of making known His will for each forthcoming generation in and under the Old Testament dispensation.