The Kingdom and the Church


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In modern Christendom you hear much about the  Kingdom and the Church. The two terms are generally used interchangeably. The  Kingdom and the Church are often spoken of as being the Body of Christ, or the  Church. Most Christians understand, or use this terminology, to refer to the  whole of Christendom to be the Church at large, thus meaning the Church is  comprised of all the saved people of the earth.

Does the Bible support such thinking? Is the  Kingdom of God and The Church of God the same thing? If not, then what is the  difference? The truth is that they are not the same, but are two separate and  distinct entities. The purpose of this tract is to define the difference  between the two.

If you are an honest-hearted Christian, you  will be interested in knowing what the Bible teaches about this subject. The  Word of God is the final authority on any subject. By looking at this subject  from a biblical perspective, hopefully you will be enlightened and encouraged  at what you glean.