The Kingdom of God and The Church of God


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A religious subject is controversial only if it embodies the ideas, opinions, options, and alternatives of men.  The truth is not debatable; neither is it negotiable.  it is to be accepted without doubt and reservation.  When we have doubts and reservations it is because we have some apprehensions about whether that with which we are dealing is really the truth.  There should be no misgivings about God’s Word, however, because we can and should have complete confidence in its reliability.

This treatise deals with a subject considered by some religious people to be controversial.  Since it is the Word of God, it should not be controversial.  It should be considered basically right or wrong, and if it doesn’t stand up to the scrutiny of God’s Word it should be rejected.  On the other hand, if it stands with the support of the Word, it would be apostasy to reject it.

The Church and the Kingdom are real Bible subejcts.  Most people who accept and have any knowledge of the Bible will agree to that.  The problem is that there are man varying beliefs about the Church and the Kingdom among some Christians.  This information is given to help to get everyone on the same basis – the Scriptures, the truth and final authority on the true religion.

Some of the things found in this consideration of the Word are: that the Church and Kingdom are two distinct entities, and that it is possible for a person to be in one and not in the other.  Also to be found in this consideration are the relationships between the Church and the Kingdom.  Then, there are certain Scriptural aspects which pertain only to the Church.  These include analogies, references, identities, and commissions.  These cannot be understood merely by the natural intellect, but anyone who really wants to know the truth may ask God for a divine revelation of it through the Word and He will give it.