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Although the actual term “theocracy” does not appear in the Scriptures, the principle of theocracy is found in both the Church in the wilderness, and the Church in the New Testament. The ultimate realization of government by God in the Millennium illustrates the totality of God’s rule. The term “theocracy” was probably first used by the Jewish Historian Josephus, in referring to the government of God as opposed to the other forms of government. Its basic meaning comes from the Greek words, theos for God and kratos for power. The power to rule resides in God; therefore, the ultimate meaning of Theocracy is “God rules.” Theocracy is not government by one person, not by a few people, not by a privileged class of people, and not by the majority of people; rather, it is government under the direct rule of God.

According to the Scriptures, pure theocracy operates by three fundamental truths. True theocracy hinges on the law given by God, the rule under the direction of God, and the willing submission to God by the people. Pure theocracy cannot and will not work unless all three of these principles are prominent in the practice of theocratic government. These three foundational principles of theocracy are not only scripturally sound, but they are upheld by the General Assembly of The Church of God.