Think on These Things


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At the time these short articles appeared in the White Wing Messenger (between 1989 and 1991), it was a time of great anxiety and stress upon those who were deeply concerned about the spiritual tone of the Church.  A dichotomy of spiritual belief and practice was coming to the surface within the Church and the lines of division were becoming clearer and clearer.  One contigent of the Church was straining at the established limits and foundations which had been accepted and practiced as the divine revelation of God to and throughout the Church, while the other contingent was striving to hold the course and remain in the mainstream of divine direction and revelation which they respected as the “old paths”.  As each side became more and more outspoken, the lines of division and separation became more distinct.

It was in the context of this activity and veralization that the inspiration for these articles under the title “Think on These Things” came forth.  It was the hope and prayer of the writer that somehow God would use them to stem the tide of departing from the original revelation of the Church that came to A.J. Tomlinson, when on June 13, 1903 he declared it to be The Church of God, and as God continued in successive years to make clear the standard of Holy Scriptures to be believed and practiced by the true Church.

May the God of truth refresh and renew your vision of The Church of God as you contemplate these subjects.